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Speedy Sprouters

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Note: Due to overwhelming demand there will be delays of up to a week on fulfilling Speedy Sprouter orders. Orders will also temporarily come in plain packaging.

Our favourite product and a 100% bestseller. Speedy Sprouter (often mistaken for Seedy Sprouter) is the ultimate at home sprout growing solution.

Our Speedy Sprouters are the perfect way to grow your own sprouts at home. With most of our seed packs, you’ll have fresh and ready to harvest sprouts in just 5 days. 

Did we mention that sprouts are absolutely loaded with healthy nutritients (winning!). Say goodbye to plastic wrapped alfalfa and hello to fresh and nutritious sprouts made at home.

Not only does our Speedy Sprouter sprout, it is an excellent education tool for the kids and a great product to show off to your friends and family at the next lunch date or dinner party.

Get sprouting, you won’t regret it!


The embodied energy in a seed provides it with enough oomph to get it sprouting and putting out roots. This means that you can grow leaf/sprout mass without using any soil or nutrients at all! Sprouts typically grow for up to two weeks before they run out of energy and their growth start slowing, but you can usually eat them from the 1 week mark onwards!

There are heaps of benefits to growing sprouts - just to name a few:

Health benefits

According to webmd, there are a range of health benefits attributed to growing sprouts including Lower blood sugar levels, Improved digestive health, Improved heart health, and they’re a great source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate and beta carotene.

You don’t need much equipment to grow sprouts

All you need to grow sprouts is a jar, seeds, and water! That’s because sprouts don’t need light (although it may help a day or two before harvesting to give them a burst of colour), and they also don’t need nutrients from soil or fertlisers as they get all of their energy and food from the seed they come from!

Cut out the plastic waste

If you buy fully grown sprouts at the supermarket, it will come in a plastic container. You can cut the need to consume that entirely by growing sprouts yourself. Best of all, our 25 and 100g seed sachets are 100% upcycled paper!

Sprouts are super-fast growers

That’s right! When seeds germinate, they shoot out their first set of leaves and pump energy from the seed into those leaves until they are large enough to support the growth of more leaves. This early growth means you can harvest microgreens in 1-2 weeks depending on the type of seed you are using.

Very little space required

All the goodness of sprouts can be grown within a 1L mason jar!

Can save you money

Growing sprouts is cheap, you can get 1kg of alfalfa seeds on our website for $39.99. That 1kg turns into 18kg worth of fully grown sprouts in just 7 days!

Sprouts taste great

There is such an awesome range of sprouts, all with unique flavours that can spice up any dish. Better yet – sprouts are used in several cuisines, from the heavy use of mung bean and pea sprouts in Chinese cooking, to the use of fenugreek in Indian dishes, and alfalfa in pretty much any western salad, sandwich or wrap.

Fun to do

Finally, sprouts are fun to grow. Because you can see them grow so fast, it’s an exciting to come home every day and see the change in growth! P.S. growing sprouts is a great activity to do with the kids.


Single Jar

1x Wide mouth mesh strainer,

1x 1L glass jar

1x White drainage stand.

1x Instructions

Twin Pack

2x Wide mouth mesh strainer,

2x 1L glass jar

2x White drainage stand.

1x Instructions



When you buy a sprout jar you can choose from your choice of seeds, or you can buy a sprouting seed combo which comes with:

1x Sprout Seed Pack:

1x 100g Salad Pea Seeds

1x 25g Alfalfa Seeds

1x 25g Broccoli sprout seeds

1x 25g Fenugreek Seeds


There are a range of ways to grow sprouts. Our favourite and the easiest way of growing sprouts is in a sprout jar. Interested in getting started? We have a full guide on how you can get growing sprouts at home.

1. Add seeds to your Speedy Sprouter

2. Rinse your new seeds in water to clean them

3. Drain water out

4. Submerse seeds in warm water at a 1:4 ratio of seeds to water, and let your seeds soak overnight

5. Turn your Speedy Sprouter upside down and allow it to drain for 8 hours in a cool shaded place

6. Rinse your seeds and drain again for another 8 hours

7. Repeat step 7 until your sprouts have grown to an adequate size

8. Sprouts can be placed in sunlight on their final day of growth to develop their flavour and provide a richer, greener colour.

If that was too much for you, here is a quick video that explains it all.

Make sure to clean your jar thoroughly between crops, and always look up sprouting seed specifications as some sprout seeds can be chemically treated, and others can be poisonous if not cooked before eating.

Note: Always stop the sprouting process before the first set of leaves grow, some sprouts need to be cooked before eating. Check seed pages for seed-specific instructions before growing. Make sure to read about the potential dangers of sprouts.

Warranty & Returns
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