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Rocket Seeds

Rocket prefers to be planted quite deep in the soil, this helps it grow strong stems that are able to hold up the full weight of the leaf. Rocket can be eaten at all stages of growth however, if you want a more peppery flavour wait until the leaves have matured (roughly 5 weeks)!

Harvesting; Once your plants have around 10cm tall you can begin harvesting! Rocket will keep growing for months so pick the outer leaves as needed.

Rocket is a highly versatile green so don’t hesitate to add it to whatever your making or try adding it to a salad or pizza for a fresh peppery kick!

Scientific Name Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa

Quantity of seeds


Planting Depth

10 mm

Plant height

20 cm

Days to Maturity





A warm environment will accelerate growth quite significantly