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pH Meter

Would you like to include calibration powder to calibrate your pH meter?

This easy to use and compact pH meter makes it easy to take quick and accurate pH readings for your hydroponic gardens! The meter comes with or without calibration powder so you can get setup in no time!


Why do I need a pH meter?

You don't always need a pH meter to grow your favourite plants in our indoor gardens, but having the ability to test your water and adjust pH accordingly will help you optimise your plants growth, and give them a boost that you can't get by simply guessing. We recommend getting a pH meter when you start getting serious about your hydroponic growing journey.

Why is it important to know the pH of my water?

Hydroponic nutrients have a range of different nutrients that plants need to grow. All of these nutrients dissolve in water at different pH levels, furthermore many plants have different pH ranges that they grow best in! If you can know your pH then you can optimise what your plants are getting and make sure that they have everything they need to thrive!