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Garlic Chive Seeds

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Chives don’t like to buried too deep, so make sure they’re only just covered when planting and ensure they’ve got enough water! These chives can take up to 2 weeks to germinate so be patient! They can be grown for years however; the plants may begin flowering in the second year.

Harvesting; these can be eaten from any age, however, if you let the plant mature before picking them, you’ll be able to harvest more for longer! Frequent harvesting encourages plant growth - so once your plant has grown to a reasonable size you can enjoy generous harvests while also helping your plant!

Add chives as a garnish to any savoury dish or cook them up in a stir fry for a milder garlic flavour!

Scientific Name Allium tuberosum
Quantity of seeds ~65
Planting Depth 5 mm
Plant height 50 cm
Days to Maturity 60-90
Lifespan Perennial
Tips Scatter seeds in the growing pot and be patient - these seeds can take up to 2 weeks to germinate!