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Outdoor Grow Bag

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These felt grow bags are durable and well-made bags that won't crack, or degrade with impact or UV damage. Their porous design allows for better drainage, and automatic air pruning (the effect by which plant roots reach the edge of the bag and then stop growing - encouraging more new roots to grow). In addition to this, the bag material is well insulated - helping to reduce the swings in temperature experienced by plant roots.

The bags can be used with soil, or hydroponically (coco coir generally), allowing for versatility that will enable you to grow a wide range of plants.



Large- 35L

Potential Mediums Soil and Coconut Coir
Potential Light sources Natural Light
Nutrients If using Coconut coir, add nutrients when watering
Features Harvesting window- These bags have an easy to open 'window' on the side to make harvesting root vegetables like potatoes easy.