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Our Mission

Urban Plant Growers aims to empower everyday people to grow their own food using our innovative hydroponic smart gardens and grow lights. Through empowering food production right at the source of consumption, we hope to fight food waste and reduce food miles - all while enabling people to eat fresh, nourishing food that they've grown themselves.

We believe decentralizing farming into cities is the greener future we need. It will:

1. Reduce carbon miles on food

2. Reduce Pesticide Runoff

3. Reduce the water consumption of Farms

4. Improve food security against extreme weather events

As well as these great environmental benefits, which this technology brings, it will also output the freshest food you have ever eaten. 

But we are not ignorant in the sense that not everyone wants to grow their own food. This is why our products allow people to easily grow house plants because a greener future is a better future. 

As well as our ecommerce business, we are actively developing new technologies to make farming in cities easier. We hope to one day grow fresh food in restaurants and Cafes all around the world. imagine walking into a cafe and receiving the freshest salad in your life. That is a Urban Plant Grower's future, that is a greener future.