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HydroGlow LED Grow Light

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Number of Light Heads
USB Grow Light Extender

Looking for a little extra light to gift your plant babies? Our HydroGlow LED Grow Lights are our favourite grow lights, delivering the optimal wavelengths of light that plants need to grow.

Whether you are lacking sunlight in your place or want to add a bit of spice to your home décor, our HydroGlow LED Grow Lights deliver just what you need to succeed!

Your plants will thank you for it!

Why You Will Love It!

hand held controller for hydroponic led grow light

Built In Timer

The light comes with a built-in timer that allows it to be turned on for 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or indefinitely.

white glow of hydroponic LED grow light bulbs

Custom light settings

The lamp itself comes with 3 replaceable LED grow lights - with 5 light intensity levels for each setting. The lights can be controlled so that you have one, two, or all three lights on at once.

clip of hydroponic led grow light attached to shelf and man moving lights to reach plants

Adaptable to fit your space

The HydroGlow LED light can be attached to tables with its easy to use clip. Its flexible neck allows for a versatile range of layouts for all your soil and hydroponic plants.

How It Works

Light from the sun comes in a wide range of wavelengths. Most of the light from the sun is wasted on plants as they just need a few specific wavelengths of light to grow. These useful wavlengths typically fall in the blue and red section of the visible light spectrum (between 400-500nm and 600-700nm). Our grow lights replicate this by using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit those useful wavelengths. The wavelengths emitted by this grow light can be seen in the picture. When all of these lights mix - they appear as white light to the human eye. For more details on how the LED Grow lights work - see our FAQ articles on what is the best way to measure the effectiveness of a grow light? and How are grow lights different to normal lights?

wavelengths of light used in full spectrum LED grow lights
  • Adjustable neck: 39cm
  • Power cord: 155cm
  • Clip can open comfortably to 6cm but can reach up to 3inches/7.5cm
  • The frame (clamp, adjustable necks & cord) of this light is black.
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Rated Power:10W
  • Monthly Energy Cost:~ $ 0.91 (Assumes 12 hours per day, with average Australian Electricity prices of $0.25/kWh.)
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours (5 years of continuous use)

What's included

  • 1 x LED grow light
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Wall socket adaptor
  • 1 x Users manual
  • Integrated controller

Note: Light does not come with the pot

Set Up Video

Setting up your grow light

Setting up your grow light is a breeze! It comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is clip it onto a table, shelf or other surface, and arrange the lights over your plants.

Positioning your grow light

Ensure the light stays at least 10cm from any leaves (so as to not burn the leaves).
  • Adjust the timer to suit your plant's needs
    • 12hrs for plants in spaces with low light levels
    • 6hrs for spaces which receive indirect natural light
    • 3hrs for plants in high natural light environments).
  • Also consider the natural environment of the plant you are growing - indoor plants may not need much supplementary light, whereas something like basil will need a lot.
  • Adjust light brightness; we suggest starting on a dim setting and building up to the brightest setting, this will allow your plants time to adjust. If you see your leaves "burning" or browning, reduce the light intensity.
Check out the video below for our walk through on how to setup your growlight! We know the light's purple - but the setup is still the same!

How do I replace the bulb?

The HydroGlow bulbs are screw bulbs, to replace them you can simply unscrew, and re-screw the new one in! You can get replacement bulbs on our website if you ever have an issue - of course faults are covered within the first year of use.

Are these lights suitable for soil plants too?

Yes! Our lights simply imitate the wavelength of light that plants need to grow. That means you can use this for your hydroponics, aquaponics, or soil grown gardening project!

Can I use Australian Power outlets?

Yes! All of our grow lights have Australian style plugs and are RCM certified.

Does the light product UV light?

Our grow lights use LED bulbs that emit a very small amount of UV light. Don’t panic though, the UV output is even less than most household bulbs and it definitely isn’t enough to harm your plants in any way.

How are grow lights different to normal lights?

The short answer is that grow lights are optimised to emit the wavelengths of light that plants need to grow. For the full answer our FAQ article on the difference between normal light and grow lights may be useful!

What's the best way to measure the effectiveness of a grow light?

Grow lights are different to normal household light bulbs as they emit the wavelength of light that plants need to grow - measured on the PAR scale (mroe detail below). By comparison most household lights are optimised for the visible light spectrum. To understand grow light measurement you first need to know the difference between the main measurements:

  • Lumens - Spectrum of light that fits in the wavelength that the human eye can see.
  • Watts - purely a measure of energy consumption.
  • Kelvin - measure of "temperature" of light for example blueish or reddish light
  • PAR - Photosynthetic active radiation, the wavelength of light that plants need to grow.
  • PPFD - Photon Photosynthetic flux density, or the intensity of light produced in the spectrum required for plant growth.

What's the main differece between the full spectrum and purple grow lights? These grow lights have a range of features so this is quite a long answer, for more details please see our FAQ article on the difference between our full spectrum and purple LED grow lights.

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    Urban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review

    Great grow light!

    Been using it for few months and I can’t believe it! It gives More varigation on my Monstera Albo!

    Kevin L.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review

    Easy to set up and versatile

    These grow lights are great. I’ve used them for indoor plants and raising seedlings and it’s been an unexpected bonus to be able to move them around. They are flexible and sturdy, and the multiple intensity settings give you a fair amount of control. Will definitely be buying more!

    Abbie J.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review

    Clean and easy

    Handy little clip on lights. Using them to grow some moss on my bookshelf. Only annoying thing is the controller, seems a bit cheap and had trouble getting it to turn on at first. Also blinks a blue LED when using the timer which is a bit obnoxious at night, a bit of electrical tape should fix it

    Joseph R.
    Australia Australia
    Urban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light ReviewUrban Plant Growers NZ HydroGlow LED Grow Light Review

    Great light.

    I got the 3 headed version and it's a great grow light with good intensity (doesn't seem too bright to burn them but strong enough for the growth). The colour seems quite good too and gives off a little more 'yellow' glow than most white ones. The lights are very flexible and stay in their position a lot better than some other ones I have (like the 2 headed one in the bottom of my pic). The only downsides I have is that It's advertised to have a 3hr, 9hr or 12hr timer but mine only has 3hr, 6hr or 12hr. The 9hr would be perfect for me as 6hrs isn't enough and 12hrs is too long but unfortunately mine doesn't have that setting :( It also seems to have a single faulty LED on one of the heads (not that it really affects the lighting) that I hope doesn't spread (see pic).

    Australia Australia

    Not arrived

    My item hasn't arrived so I can't write a review

    Kiri R.
    New Zealand